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Ten Must Do Tips to Boost your LinkedIn Profile. | LinkedIn Tips | Job Seekers | 2019 Updated

January 13, 2019Unknown

Hello job seekers, welcome to the set of tips and tricks, to boost your LinkedIn profile.

For those, who don't know what's LinkedIn. Here a quick sneak peek.

LinkedIn is one of the largest professional social networking sites and also being a home for almost all the tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs spread across the globe. But today, we will be seeing about how to boost your LinkedIn profile to make it visible to a large set of your own domain experts and recuruiters.

1. Definite Summary:

No one bothers about a definite summary. Why it is exceptionally important because it is the gateway to your profile. Anyone who is visiting your profile will be first looking at your summary as it takes an important role of portraying your entire professional life just at the edge of few lines. One important thing is not to stuff your profile summary with all the exceptional things that you've done all through your life but be sure to portray only those things which really matter to your recruiters. Use words which will surely have a great influence on your profile viewers.  

Advice: Keep it short and crisp.

2. Enable Career Advice Hub

We all underestimate the power of receiving and giving the career recommendations until we know the value of it. So, today we will see how the Career Advice Hub works. We will all be looking for one perfect advice to reach and achieve our goal and dreams. You must need to tell LinkedIn that you are looking for an advice from professional people or peers and the intelligent algorithm will start looking for people who can give advice to you within your domain. If you are looking for a piece of advice away from your domain, then in that case you can also specify a specific problem to get your advice on. This platform helps you to get initiated with the top tech people who are willing to address your problem by giving you a piece of advice. 

3. Updating Career Interests

LinkedIn offers you a massive chance to tell your recruiters that you are open for new opportunities. If you enable this feature, you would be directing all the intended recruiters to see your profile and then you can probably secure a chance to work for your dream company.

4. Updating your Experience

You must know one more important thing that is to update your profile. In that aspect, your first attempt has to be directed towards updating your experience. Here you can mention about all the positions that you have held so far and also your current position. Describe your work responsibilities in all your jobs, so that it will help your viewer to find your capable areas.

5. Volunteering

In this fast paced world, people often term that they are in a rat race for an invisible goal. But, you should also remember that individual social responsibility also plays an important role to get your dream job. It is not about your dream job, but it is showcases your humane nature to your recruiters. So, try joining as a volunteer in any of the Non-Profit Organizations which aligns with your interests.

6. Endorsements

Endorsements comes in way handy when you are trying to prove yourself to a new recruiter. Usually endorsements are given by your friends, colleagues and other peers who either worked with you in the past or currently working with you on multiple projects. This field shows your exceptional dedication that you have put in to use all your technical skills. Try asking your friends to endorse you. The higher the endorsements, the higher the credibility will be.

7. Recommendations

Recommendations are similar to endorsements but these are for you as a person. They can be either for your skills but people usually use endorsements to rate your skills and use recommendations to share their experience with you. You can request your teachers, previous managers, friends, fellow students and current colleagues to recommend you.

8. Accomplishments

This can have a massive effect on your profile just like a nuclear missile. This small little portion of your profile gives a quick and a deeper insight about your technical knowledge because you can showcase all your certification, extra-curricular achievements, courses you have taken up and completed among others. Do not feel lazy to fill this section up.

9. Contact

Networking among professional people is the main idea behind LinkedIn. Providing your eMail address and your phone number can incredibly increase your visibility to the external viewers who are on a constant watch to recruit professionals with necessary industrial skills. Do update your contact details in this section. You can also set privacy as per your interest.

Last but not the least,

10. Profile Picture

Come on, this is not a Facebook or a SnapChat to have a weird fancy profile pictures of yours. Please be sure to have a professional picture. It's not mandatory for you to dress up in suit but at least have a picture in formals because at the end most of the people visit your profile based on your profile picture. Picture speaks a lot than words.


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