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Feminism or Gender equality?

August 06, 2017Staff


Author: Ch. Rahul Manohar
I might get trashed for the following write-up but just hold your jitters and comment below if I'm wrong.

Few reasons for which this "ism" started gaining its popularity are, because of some stereotypic ideas that some works are confined to only men and some to women and the term "safety" is always far from women especially in India.

India, a country where we have Bhumatha, Bharatamatha and so many millions of mathas, a place where women get the privilege of being idolized, iconized with the most premium and precious things, have always given the first place to women right from its existence. But why are we talking about this topic in the first place?

Did we forget our traditions? Or did we change our traditions?

How can we solve this problem? Okay, fine. First, we need to admit one thing. Intentionally or unintentionally, there has been a continuous domination of men over women in the Indian society, no matter what so ever it is. So, what's the solution now?
If you think that giving more chances and more opportunities to women in the fields where we failed to give them importance can solve this problem, then you are absolutely wrong because if that's the case, we should be ready to hear a new "ism" in the future called "meninism" or "masculinism".Domination of any group is not good for the society.

What I mean is, we shouldn't give more opportunities to one group in the name of so called "ism", which in turn trashes the other group. Everyone should be equal and everything should be equal for all which I finally mean to say, the term "equality" should be given more emphasis than the term "feminism". Reservations should be given to the needy but not for the greedy.

Think of a scenario where an old man and a young lady got on a public bus on a hot sunny day and where the only seat reserved for women is free. Now, tell me who deserves that seat? old man or young lady? Reservations or favours which are given in the name of "ism" should serve the deserved people. They should not be misused or overused.

Some feminists in the name of feminism misuse their privileges and counter attack men by giving flaw statements. This should not be encouraged at all because as I said earlier, "Meninism" or "Masculinism" is not far to come into existence if this situation prevails to continue.

I'm not against the idea of feminism, I'm against the misuse of the term feminism. By the way, Happy friendship day to you all. I believe, friendship is not confined to any gender. :)

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