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Women Empowerment and their Safety

March 04, 2017Staff

Guest Article by Prachi Singh
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Women, defined as one of the most beautiful and most precious of all gifts given by the Almighty to the mankind.

Let me tell you all something really, interesting at the same time disappointing. Like any usual day, I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, when I came across a video, which depicted a study conducted by a student in America. What he basically did was, he asked a group of around 20-30 women to surround a man, both the man and all the women don’t know each other. After something like 5 minutes, he asked the ladies to disperse. After sometime, he asked one among the 20-30 women to come and stand amidst, 20-30 unknown men. Later he, individually went to that man and woman who were the ones standing between the crowd and asked both of them one question, just one question, and the question was, “Did you feel safe standing among those many people?” The answers which he got were entirely different. The Man said, “Yes even though I didn’t know them I felt really safe and secured”. But, the woman said,” No, I wasn’t comfortable and safe standing amongst those many men.
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Now comes the time for all of us to think!!! Why did that woman feel so uncomfortable whereas the man felt totally comfortable? What can be the reason for it?  
The reason what the society says is because of the way they dress up and walk on the streets provoke the men on streets which in turn makes the women feel unsafe. But, I have a question to be asked here! “Why is it that girls or the women not feel provoked after seeing men wearing short clothes and walking?” Has anyone ever thought about it? Every time something happens to a girl or a lady, finally the accused is not blamed for the incident it’s the girl and her character, that’s always pointed at! How easy it is for people all around to say it’s the Girl’s fault because nobody feels the pain she undergoes, firstly due to the incident, secondly, because of the society n at times even her family turning up against her! At this point of time, the best option which a girl finds is to commit “suicide”. What better option do we leave for a girl suffering so miserably, when the whole world seems falling apart?! Just because people are not able to experience her pain, atleast don’t increase it by just blabbering something irrelevant and unethical. Let me tell you if something similar happens to a man in India, the scenario will be different. Why such a difference? Are Men and Women equal in All respects in a developing Country like India? I think the answer is no! just providing them right to education, doesn’t make them equal to Men. They lack all the Respect, Dignity and Pride which they are deserved to obtain. The main causes are too many. How many to address I don’t know.
Actually No one can be blamed for all this, because everybody is a part of it! Then whom to blame and whom not?! The fault lies in the basic upbringing of boys as well as girls. Here in India always Boys are taught that they are superior to all and they are never supposed to go down upon anyone! And the girls in India are always taught the lessons of “patience, keeping calm, keeping mum, not reacting to any situation they face, indirectly they are always taught “ Tum Ladki Ho Aur tumhe Sab Sehna Padega”!
“Come on India! Wake Up!!! It’s high time now!! The time is long gone when you need to keep mum and undergo all these tortures! Start living your life fearlessly! It’s time to show the Nation what a women Power in a country can do. Already quiet of it is happening all around! But we can’t be just satisfied with this, we have a huge battle to be fought i.e., to achieve Respect and Dignity in this “male dominated society”. Before I conclude I would like to quote a few lines from a poem which Amitabh Bacchan Wrote in his recent movie Pink, and it goes like,
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Tu Aarati Ki Lou Nahi
Tu Krod Ki Mashal Hai
Tu Krod Ki Mashal Hai
Tu Khud Ki Khoj Mein Nikal
Tu Kis liye Hatash Hai!

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