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Handling Emotions - The first step towards Emotional Intelligence

December 27, 2016Staff


Author: Prachi Singh

Emotions are strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood or relationship with others. We as teenagers always undergo a havoc of emotions inside us. It’s all because of the hormonal changes happening in our bodies. Most of the emotions come out of good or weird relationships with the people around, hardly there are emotions which come up from one’s own actions. Being an emotional person is considered good or bad depending on the situation ahead of the person. These days, the number of people (mostly youngsters) who are suffering from chronic depression is alarming! What is the reason behind people going into depression? Why are people becoming more emotionless and feeling less? The reason for all the above-mentioned questions is quite deep and shocking. These emotions such as sadness, loneliness and all don’t affect the person because of a single incident that took place in their life. All these emotions arise because of, they suppressing their emotions.


In each and every person’s life, there will be n number of incidents which would have left a great impact on their mind. But if there is nobody to properly support them and guide them to come out of any such situation, the result is either depression or loss of self-confidence. To overcome such problems one solution is: sharing the emotions and problems with someone who knows the person, it can be parents or friends. The second option is: consulting a psychiatrist, where the whole society thinks that person is mad/crazy, which in turn increases the difficulty of the person going through it.
The most preferred are talking to friends’ n family. Here parents and friends play a very vital role. As a child is most close to his/her parents, it’s the duty of the parents to find time for their kids and make sure their child is content and happy. If not parents, then it’s Friends who can help. It’s when one doesn’t get aid from either family or friends that he/she ends up going to a psychiatrist. 
We as humans are blessed by the Almighty to be able to express and convey to others what we feel. But if we are not making the best use of this so powerful and best means of conveying ourselves and our ideas to others, then we are not doing justice to ourselves. So, my dear Friends and Readers, we get only one life to live, just make it worthwhile and happy. The only means to be happy and content is by expressing ourselves to all of those whom we know and care for! 


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