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What happened to our historic capital?

November 17, 2016Staff

Author: Rahul Manohar

e-Mail : chitluri.rahul@gmail.com

In this burgeoning world, although we are very fast with the time and era, we are somewhere declining in some aspects. One of such aspects is protecting our very own mother earth. This is proved by the present situation of Delhi. It is already a high time to react If the same situation continues can our next generation witness our prestigious capital?


  1. Low Winds - It has been reported that there are no winds in the vertical column. This causes a problem of dispersal of pollutants in the air. This problem had led to toxic and contaminated air causing breathing problems.
  2. Burning of Paddy Stubble - The biggest reason has been burning of paddy stubble by the farmers of Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. These unending fires have resulted in the accumulation of particulate matter in the atmosphere which has reduced the visibility level to a great extent.
  3. Diwali Firecrackers - Not to ignore the fact that, like every year, the huge amount of money was spent by people to buy their own coffins. Sorry, I meant firecrackers!
  4. Other factors - These include dust by the roadside & from construction units, vehicular emissions, and turbulent weather conditions.


  • First of all, Government should advise children and elderly stay indoors, install air purifiers at workplaces and distribute free mask to the people.
  • Stop air conditioning in all buildings to curb pollution in outside air.
  • Halt construction activities for few days.
  • Control the fire at landfill sites in National Capital Region.
  • Use advanced vacuum cleaner on roads.
  • A sprinkling of water on roads.
  • A complete ban on burning of biomass.
  • Artificial rain through cloud seeding.
  • Re-introducing the odd-even scheme.

It is never late to do a good thing. Today, it might be only for Delhi but who knows what happens to your city tomorrow. It's our duty to protect our mother. Let's not take this furthermore! Stay safe!

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