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Evoking Sense of Responsibility

November 09, 2016Staff

Author: Prachi Singh

e-Mail: prachisinghxox@gmail.com

“YOUTH!” as soon as we hear this word what strikes our minds is the manpower and future of a developing nation. Being a youth, certain qualities like vigor, freshness, spirit are inbuilt. We at our growing age are often told that 
“You are the future of the nation. The future of the nation is in your hands.” 
But the question is how much does it affect the youth or motivate them to work towards the nation?
 We, the current generation will take it as a mere sentence. Proper guidance and a role model will make an impact on us and take us forward to work. A strong driving force from within our hearts will help the nation in the best possible way. 

How to inhibit the feel among the youngsters?

 Actually, if we see, it's easy to do. Once we understand their mindset and their point of view and also understand how they see the initiatives and plans implemented by the government of the country. How sensibly they handle any issue if given a chance. 
The basic problem seen in our country is opportunities to the youngsters. It's equivalent to negligible. There are very few youngsters into the field of working for the nation. One main reason for the number to be less is the expecting tendency of the people- like "what will I get if I contribute to the country?"

 Such a mindset has to be changed. Though now the times are changing we see changes coming up in their mindsets, we as the present citizens of the nation hold a big responsibility of inhibiting the feeling of patriotism and affection in the minds of the coming generations.
Also if the country has a really motivating and devoted leader who can move the mob just by his/her words can make a big difference. It always happens that youngsters see them as their role models. So if they put their best and motivate and encourage and take into account whatever steps they want to take for the betterment of the nation which are valid enough can help and build their confidence to contribute more and more. 
It’s just a kick-start that is required. Once given that rest can be handled and taken ahead smoothly.
We along with contributing for our nation to become a better place for opportunities and chances for the youngsters, do our duty of building a strong bond with the nation so that it becomes easier for us to convey it to the younger and coming generations.
As said by our elders, “Anything done with Heartfelt emotions and dedication yields good results”. Keeping this thought in mind we can work towards a better and beautiful nation to live in.

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  1. a really inspiring n motivating post for the present generations.
    Truely accepting the post and must change the mind sets

    1. Thank u! for ur valueable comments.. will surely come up with something more better. :)

  2. Found useful content in it, expecting such more articles.


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