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Do we really need buildings with outer glass?

November 04, 2016Apuroop

In many places we see corporate and other offices built with glass all around the building. Did you ever know the reason behind it?
They say "We're always open and you can see what we are doing, it is for you, there is nothing to hide."

The saying itself makes some sense in this scenario. But I would like to pose a question. Is it really necessary to build buildings out of glass.

In India, it is absolutely NOT. Why?

Usually most of the corporates are multinational and come from the West. Due to their climate and geographical conditions they are more prone to low temperatures. They need warmth, because of that they build buildings covered with glass. In one way it helps in saving the electricity by letting in sufficient sunlight into the building. A glass is a bad conductor of heat. This principle is used to make the buildings warmer.

But the same scenario is different in India and other tropical countries. These countries usually have relatively more temperatures when compared with the Western countries. This makes them a bit warmer on normal days too. In addition to that, the glass makes the buildings even more warmer making it impossible to stay in. To avoid that, we establish cooling systems which needs to run continuously without any break 24x7 all though the year. This increases the carbon footprint which in turn causes a great threat in the form of pollution. So, we better think in a different way to build our corporate offices in the near future.

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