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July 12, 2016Unknown

Facebook said this week it is going to start pushing ads to every single person who uses third-party sites signed up to its advertising scheme, This latest announcement has left many confused and worried about their privacy.As Facebook uses your information even if you are signed up to it or not, you might want to revise what information you are sharing with people.
It isn't just your profile that will need amending, but here are a few ways you can clean it up to get started and protect your privacy.

Phone number

This could lack your privacy as the intruders can get access to your profile through it.


Your birthday could lead scammers to get access of your personal details and bank account.
Keep it off your Facebook or risk losing your money once they get your name and address.

Keep it to real friends

Time to clear out Facebook and keep it to the people you know and trust.

Relationship Status

Once upon a time, no relationship was real until it was confirmed on Facebook, but these days it's better to keep that lovin' feeling to yourself.People have already cottoned on to how adverts appear suddenly promoting wedding dresses and venues as soon as the engagement post goes up on the social media site.
Stop tagging your location
Whenever you tag yourself you're giving away a lot of information. Whether you're in your house, where you live, what you're doing...
When and where you're going for holiday
Talking about location, don't tag yourself with 'off on holiday' or your snaps until you're home.You're sending out a massive clue as to how long you'll be away.
In some cases if you tag yourself, or post your holiday plans, the insurance claim won't be accepted, according to This is Money.
Location Services
Most of us access Facebook via our phone, which means you could be letting everyone know your location.

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