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Do cats really hide when they are about to die ?

July 21, 2016Unknown

Though many people reading this might know this so called fact that cats generally disappear when they are about to die, I myself am listening for the first time so I thought I would share this with you guys !

So, the interesting thing is most of the cats disappear when they are about to die. But cats hide even when they are feeling ill or uncomfortable. Considering the above points, it cannot be said that all cats which hide are going to die. The cats probably might not know what exactly "death" is but they feel symptoms of illness and that is the reason why they just move out of the crowd. They prefer to be alone when they are not feeling well. There are cases been reported which states that few cats spent their last moments with their owner. That means even cats as individuals have their own preferences.

Another reason could be like when they are ill, they don't want themselves to be prey as they have got a lot of predators in this cruel world ! The reports say that cats are strong and capable enough to hide signs of their weakness. The same happens when a pregnant cat is about to deliver. It chooses some out of the way places to deliver and take care of its young ones for some days. So, hiding can be stated as a part of their life. Another probable reason is they just want themselves to be alone. Even we feel to be alone when we are not doing good. We can see many people locking up themselves in the room for hours. It is evident that one tends to feel so.

 Even when a cat is injured, it hides. The reason probably being the same, that it is not feeling well. In addition to this, cats have this tendency of getting themselves into situations from which they cannot come out like we hear cats stuck on a tree. So if your cat is missing, you have to just be patient enough to search it in every hook and corner of your house. And it is suggested to take your cat to a vet to know the actual reason of hiding.  

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