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World develops faster in adopting wireless technology - Wireless Bungee Jump

November 21, 2015Apuroop

Introduction :

So you come across many things which are working in a wireless environment. Your mobile phones, charging docks, laptops, watches etc., But have you ever wondered that you might play sports and feel recreated wirelessly. Oh! come on man how can we play sports in a wireless environment. 

Is it possible? 

Image credits : lacriaturacreativa.com

Yes, it is possible and a group of scientists figured out on how actually we can enjoy our favourite sports in a wireless environment. There is no need for you to buy some costly and sophisticated instruments to play but what can you do is actually enjoy your sport.

So, they came up with a solution for Bungee Jump. Generally people are tied up at their legs with an elastic string which can actually make them rebound at a great height.

Now the IKEA organization has planned to perform that stunt without any wire or a string. At this point everyone was shocked because they are not sure whether this feat meets the possibility or not. But later they had planned to make it possible by coupling their idea with the science. 

They have used an interesting property of science called magnetism. Simple logic they have used is "Like poles repel".

So they took four or five domes and plugged them with electricity. By doing so they are actually creating a magnetic field which helps to provide a magnetic medium of either north pole or south pole. The jumper will be having a suit with a pole similar to that of the medium which helps him to rebound when enters into the medium. 

Actual testing of the idea and the result :

In June 2015, the scientists and researchers who worked for the organization proved that the wireless Bungee Jump is possible by conducting various tests. But there are some flaws that are to be considered here.

Flaws :

IKEA had released a video of their test on YouTube and everyone doubted its originality as we are far more advanced in digital graphics. But there are things to be considered, 
  1. If the person really rebounds and enjoy the sport then how can we get him back from such a great height to the station again because usually Bungee jumps stations are situated high enough to make the sport thrilling.
  2. Here comes the matter of safety. What if the power generation or magnetic field generation fails? How can we ensure the safety of the jumper? The company hasn't released any notes or video explaining this issue. So, seriously we have to doubt its safety.
  3. Some believe that the height of the domes also plays a major role in re-bouncing the jumper. 

Conclusion : 

This is an idea which made me to think very deeply about the emerging wireless technology. Though I felt that it was not an actual thing to get it worked but I strongly believe that many more inventions will take place like this. Hats off to the scientists and researchers who worked for this project and thank you for your idea to the world.

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