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Wireless Electricity - The future of electricity !

November 03, 2015Apuroop

Due to vast advancements in technology we are able to handle almost all the tasks wirelessly like 

sharing files, bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC etc., But how can we extend this to manage our very basic 

needs. There can be a day when your neighbor might steal your electricity wirelessly without your 

knowledge! Just kidding! But it is possible, the theft as well as the wireless transmission of 


WiTricity, acronym for Wireless Electricity is working to make this dream come true says "Let WiTricity help you integrate efficient, safe wireless power transfer technology in your products and systems."

So, basically a question arises. How is that possible?

So, eventually a simple answer arises saying that it is possible because of "Mutual Induction".

Questions won't stop! How does it work?

Before looking into its working mechanism it's better if we have a look at its working principle.

Magnetic Induction: A loop or coil of conductive material like copper, carrying an alternating 

current (AC), is a very efficient structure for generating or capturing a magnetic field. If a conductive 

loop is connected to an AC power source, it will generate an oscillating magnetic field in the vicinity 

of the loop.  A second conducting loop, brought close enough to the first, may “capture” some 

portion of that oscillating magnetic field, which in turn, generates or induces an electric current in 

the second coil. The current generated in the second coil may be used to power devices. This type of 

electrical power transfer from one loop or coil to another is well known and referred to as magnetic 

induction. Some common examples of devices based on magnetic induction are electric transformers 

and electric generators.

"Oh! I read these things in my lower classes,". So we skip them happily but be sure to check all the 

basic principles here.

So now what ? How can it cater our needs ?

Hope we are clear with the basic principles. Don't worry even if you're not. Contact your 12th class 

teacher. :-)

Nothing goes waste without a use. But this technology shows remarkable advantages.

Consumer Electronics :

With such a wide range of applications and use cases, the demands of the consumer electronics 

market can only be met with a wireless energy solution that is flexible, efficient, and applicable 

across a wide range of power requirements and sizes.

WiTricity technology provides a unique solution to consumer electronics devices of all sizes and 

power requirements, including:

  • Automatic wireless charging of mobile electronics – phones, laptops, game controllers, wearables – in homes, cars, offices, public hotspots, and more… even while the devices are in use in some cases
  • Direct wireless powering of stationary devices, like flat screen TVs, digital picture frames, home theater accessories, wireless loud speakers, etc. … eliminating the need for expensive custom wiring, unsightly cables and “wall-wart” power supplies
  • Direct wireless powering of desktop PC peripherals, such as wireless mice, keyboards, printers, speakers, displays, and more… eliminating disposable batteries and awkward cabling
Automotive Industry : 

With WiTricity technology, automakers will have the ability to redefine charging for electric 
vehicles, including:
  • Automatic wireless charging for existing electric vehicle classes, such as golf carts and industrial vehicles
  • Automatic wireless charging for future hybrid and all-electric passenger and commercial vehicles — at home, in parking garages, at fleet depots, and at remote kiosks
  • In-vehicle wireless char
Industrial Applications : 

WiTricity technology can help power or charge industrial applications ranging from sensors all the 
way up to unmanned vehicles.  Industrial applications for WiTricity technology include:
  • Direct wireless power and communication interconnections across rotating and moving “joints” – for robots, packaging machinery, assembly machinery, machine tools and more – eliminating costly and failure-prone wiring
  • Direct wireless power and communication interconnections at points of use in harsh environments – such as drilling, mining, underwater, etc. – where it is impractical or impossible to run wires
  • Direct wireless power for wireless sensors and actuators, eliminating the need for expensive power wiring or battery replacement and disposal
  • Automatic wireless charging for mobile robots, autonomous vehicles, cordless tools and instruments, eliminating complex docking mechanisms and labor-intensive manual recharging and battery replacement
In Medical : 

With WiTricity technology, the power capture device can be implanted deeply within the body 
cavity, several centimeters from the skin. Likewise, the power source can be several centimeters 
away from the skin surface. This degree of physical separation, while still maintaining high 
efficiency, is possible due to patented WiTricity technology, which can be applied to all types of 
medical devices that need both mobility and a streamlined charging experience, offering a host of 
benefits in the medical field:
  • Direct wireless power interconnections and automatic wireless charging for implantable medical devices – ventricular assist devices, pacemakers, defibrilators, and more
  • Implantable therapies that require substantial power to operate (up to 10s of watts) become practical as they no longer require drive lines that penetrate the skin, an infection risk that is also very uncomfortable for the patient
  • Handheld medical instruments and power tools can be equipped with wireless charging to eliminate the sterilization challenges associated with removable batteries and to hermetically seal the device by removing charging ports
  • Medical carts carrying computers and other diagnostic instruments can be recharged and powered wirelessly from sources embedded throughout a hospital, eliminating the need for cables and stationary battery recharging
  • Neurostimulator devices can be charged wirelessly, enabling a more comfortable charging experience for patients – sitting in a chair or lying on a bed for example – than traditional inductive charging solutions which require charging coils to be strapped to the body in precise alignment with implanted coils
That's all ? NOPE!

In Military : 

WiTricity technology offers tremendous potential for a host of today’s military applications. Next-
generation military components, systems, and devices will be designed and developed withWiTricity 
in mind to optimize form, fit, and function and also to ensure that the systems are efficient, safe, and 
reliable. Currently, there are a number of military projects in development or under evaluation, 
  • Automatic wireless charging for high tech military systems, such as battery powered mobile devices, covert sensors, unmanned mobile robots and aircraft, and much  more
  • Soldier vest-to-helmet and helmet-to-goggle wireless power transfer to power helmet-mounted devices and to defog optics
  • Vehicle seat back-to-solder vest wireless power transfer to charge central batteries while seated in transport vehicles
  • Vehicle-to-unmanned-vehicle recharging, including air, land, and underwater vehicles
  • In-vehicle or drop-in, multi-device wireless charging systems for recharging batteries and mobile devices at operating bases
Okay enough! But one last question? When can I set it up in 

my house ?

Good question! (of course I know). There are some products available from the organization but they 

are yet in the testing level. Once they take your burden of testing them safely you can set it up in 

your house.




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