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Use supercomputer at your finger tips - 'Cycle Computing'

November 19, 2015Apuroop

Introduction : 

You are probably working in the cloud environment up to now. Your company might have migrated to the cloud servers from the real servers. You might have also spent grand bucks for hosting and data processing as many cloud hosting companies are asking you to pay high amounts to maintain your data.

But one question to you. Are you satisfied with the processing speed of your virtual servers or cloud servers?

If your answer is 'NO' then you can use a superserver or a supercomputer to process your tons of data.

Yes, what you've read is exactly right. You can rent a supercomputer for few hours or for the time you need it to use. So there is a company called Cycle Computing which provides such opportunity for the enterprises and entrepreneurs to process their data by taking the help of a super computer.

So how does this work : 

Actually the company Cycle Computing used to process thee data with the help of a Japanese company called Nekomata which owns a supercomputer of nearly 30,000 cores and 2PB of memory.
 So, as the demand for the data processing increased the company extended its working partners and at present the company is signed to work with Amazon Web Services populary known by the short form 'AWS'.  The AWS offers the company to use its vast clusters of cloud servers which is having an approximate of 1,56,000 cores across 8 Amazon web service regions spread over five continents and can offer the desired output just within a fraction of time.

How do we access it ? :

Simply, use your credit card says the marketing personnel when asked in an official interview done by Mergify. So, as we go on the money matters everything. Pay for the time you use the cloud cluster. After completion of the desired work you can scale down your cluster and stop paying. If another new problem comes then again you can scale up your cluster and start using the cloud service.

So there are some real life solutions for the use of such high performance cluster services. A professor named Mark Thompson was benefited by this service as he was led to discover the best inexpensive compound through which we can build sophisticated solar panels. He searched and done million combinations of nearly 2,56,000 compounds which used nearly a lakh cores of the super cloud cluster and costed him just $33,000. If he was set to find out the right compounds on a normal cloud server then he was shown that it would take a century for the computer to provide him the best compund (ETA: 144 years approx.)

 Conclusion : 

So this will be opening a door to new technology where no one is ever worried to have build or maintain a super computer. But there are some issues with the security as well as the survival of the cloud because, as still the cloud storage is developing its shield against the attacks and there is a problem in maintaining the privacy of the data of a particular company which is using the cloud. So as per now the company says that the technology is completely authentic and is safe for any company or individual to use. In future we hope that everyone owns their own supercomputer. ;-)

So we've thought to include a small video which can actually reflect the entire idea.

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