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Top 5 weird robots of all time

November 20, 2015Apuroop

Image Credits : Wonderful Engineering

Firefighter Robot : 

SAFFiR is a firefighting robot developed by the US navy.It stands 1.77 metres high and weighs 70kg. The unique design of the robot equips it with super-human range of motion to move in complex spaces including narrow passages , ladders and hatches on board of a ship. 

It is equipped with a suite of sensors that include a camera, a gas sensor and an infrared camera that will allow to find its way through the smoke.

It can throw fire retarding grenades as well as handle a fire hose on its own. The government of Us plans to implement these robots in the civic life so that they can assist the humans and can save many lives that are lost due to fire accidents.

Meet Spot :

Boston Dynamics, a robotic company has a new four legged addition to its family. It is a robotic dog named Spot, and it can run through office corridors, up concrete stairs and along rocky hills without any trouble.

The electronically-powered robot is meant to have the rugged appearance and look of a dog. However one striking difference in its silhouette is the head. Rather than having a visual like sensors in the head part, Spot is able to see the environment with a rotating sensor on its back.

Genghis :

Genghis is an insect robot one of the first to be build. It has six legs and can move over uneven ground. If it encounters an obstacle it just backs off, and takes another route.

Swarm Robots or Swarm-bots :

When thousands of small robots are assigned to do a single task then such group of robots is called 'Swarm Robots'. A single swarm robot cannot do the entire work just like a single human but what if there are thousands of swarm robots which are deployed for a single work. Then the complexity of the problem decreases gradually. The main advantage of these small robots is that if a big robot fails to work we can continue the work using the swarm robots. So, there will be no interference of a problem in a particular task.

Manav : 

Manav is the India's first 3-D printed andro-humanoid robot. It was built with 21 sensors , two cameras as in its eye sockets and two mikes on the either side of the head. Manav is 60 cm tall, weighs about 2kg and can walk, talk and dance on command. It can be programmed to different jobs as well.'Manav' means 'man' in Sanskrit, is the creation of a team of students from the A-SET Training and Research Institute, New Delhi. The humanoid is being sold for a price of 1.5 lakh- 2 lakh, which is much lower than the other humanoids in the market.  

So our world is advancing very fast in the field of robotics which might open the doors for a new era.

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