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Problems if your Facebook friend's list exceeds 300 people

November 19, 2015Apuroop

Generally people proudly says that they have 1k or 2k people on their friend's list in Facebook. But the recent studies conducted, proves that the people with more than 300 on their friend's list will have to face serious health related issues. The researchers in the Toronto took a conducted this experiment on 88 random people aged between 12-17 and took intial cortisol samples from them.

What they found was really interesting! The study says that if you have more than 300 friends then you will be easily targeted to stress related problems as excessive cortisol is generated. But there is a solution to avert this alarming situation. 

It is to mingle with the people on your facebook wall. Just to like and comment on their posts or pictures will give some relief from the excessive cortisol production. 

So they've also found that people with friends more than 300 showed a remarkable increase of  8% n cortisol production.

So, folks having 1000+ friends, stop being proud and check your cortisol levels.

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