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Make your post reach to 10k people in two hours? - Working Facebook Trick

November 19, 2015Apuroop

Two days ago our Mergify page was experiencing a disaster in facebook. All the stats were dropping steeply. When we are all discussing about this matter in how to retrieve our previous stats. We came up with a new strategy which made our post reach to hike up to 10k people. So today I'm gonna share that successful strategy with you so that you can deploy the same in your page

At first you need to understand that only some kind of posts really grabs the audience attention.So focus yourself to grab their attention.Now we will see what kind of posts grab the attention of the people.

'Like', 'Share' & 'Comment' : 

So you might come across such kind of posts and news items in your feed asking you to like the pic if you have the same opinion or share it if you oppose it. After doing a considerable amount of research on that what we have found will shock you. Nearly there is 95% engagement of people in such kind of posts and the post reach can touch nearly 10k just in couple of hours (depending on the page or group you share the post in...) 

Simple Math Puzzles : 

People are really involved and they like to solve simple math puzzles generally based on BODMAS rule or pattern sums. But to increase their interest and make some lazy people to work on the puzzles you've posted, its better you provoke them by making some statements like "Only 95% people were able to solve it"...  By doing so we got an approximate post reach of 4k in just half an hour. So. better find out some tricky math puzzles for your readers on fb page.

Humour : 

Pics with humorous content will always receive a grand virtual applause. So, find some pics with humorous touch so that it tickles your people in the community. Don't try to violate the policies of facebook while posting such pics in your page.

Last but not the least 'Beg for likes' : 

You might have seen some pics with kids begging for likes and shares. Really these kind of posts can gather you a lot of audience and make your page or the particular post to reach maximum people.

Finally a one word, try to make some meaningful posts that can help others or make people to gain some knowledge. We must know how to use such platform for global causes.

Stay tuned to read our next article "How to start your own successful blogging career "

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