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Get free delivery from Amazon - Working trick

November 21, 2015Apuroop

So I'm back again with a new tip and a trick which can actually save you a lot of money while you are doing online shopping in various online stores like Amazon, flipkart etc.,

Now-a-days buying things from an online store became a fashion. Everyone tries to buy some or the other product either to show their pride or just like that. ;-)

But you may come across a situation where you have to buy a thing which is actually doesn't eligible for the free delivery. In that moment you are going to buy things so that the cart sums up and you are eligible for the free delivery. But you have to waste many bucks just in getting the free delivery.

To avert this situation, today I'm gonna tell you a working trick with which you can save your money that you waste for getting eligible for free delivery.

So select a product you want to buy and check whether it has free delivery option or not (Just to confirm it and not to waste our time :-p) Read further if it don't have the option.

"For instance I've selected a book which asks you to pay for INR 90 extra for delivery charges "

Amazon offers free delivery option on general commodities like soaps etc.

Now add such a low cost product like some soap or a shampoo into the cart where you've put your required product.
"I've added second product here which is eligible for free delivery"

At this point you must see that your entire cart turns into a free delivery one.

"Now the entire cart is eligible for free delivery"

So people by this method you can actually save lot of money that you are using for delivery charges and by the way you get a daily commodity too with your required product comparatively at a lower price.

So feel free to check out our next post in tips and tricks section and don't forget to comment if you have any working trick.

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