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TAG Heuer yet to launch Smartwatch

October 08, 2015Apuroop


Tag Heuer, French luxury group's biggest watchmaker, announced that it would launch a smartwatch using Google's Android operating system in a venture with Intel to compete head-on with the Apple Watch.Tag Heuer will unveil its Android-powered smartwatch on November 9 at the LVMH building in New York.


Apple has recently pushed further into the high-end market, announcing at its product launch earlier this month, it would team up with luxury brand Hermes to offer bands to Apple Watch buyers.So,Tag Heuer gives a strong competition to Apple.

The device will cost $1,800, Previous reports put the price at $1,400.Tag Heuer will also compete against Gucci, which is developing a smartband with, the consumer product brand created by musician

image credits:Google

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