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Is Facebook killing your iPhone's battery?

October 23, 2015Apuroop

Have you ever thought of that your battery of your iphone drains fast while using facebook app compared to others?
Facebook is usually one of the most battery-intensive apps on the iPhone.

The Independent Facebook's iPhone app is draining users' batteries and using up far too much power, according to users who have looked at iOS's new battery usage information.The toll that the Facebook app takes on battery life has been known for a while, but with the release of Apple's new mobile operating system, which allows iPhone users to see a summary of how much battery their apps are using, more people than ever have realised the impact that the app has.

It is because social networking platform has been constantly tracking your location using your iPhone's GPS.this app is sending devices' location information to Facebook in the background, that implies "If you move around a lot, you are likely to use more battery but the combination of GPS and networking going on in the background is likely the majority cause of battery drain."

Facebook's in-app location settings clearly state that if you have location history and access set to "always", then Facebook "will build a history of our precise location, even when you are not using the app".so,better turn your location settings off for Facebook.Facebook's constant refreshing, which keeps users up to date with their latest notifications, does indeed take a lot of battery.

For those looking to get a little more life out of their iPhone, We recommend using Facebook in a mobile browser, like Chrome or Safari. 

Image credits:Google

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