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Google removes 'OK Google' voice search from Chrome for desktops

October 19, 2015Apuroop

The voice search functionality in chrome made our effort easier.but,now Google has removed  'OK Google'  feature in chrome for desktops.This week Google released Chrome 46, which includes new developer features and a simplified page security icon, but gets rid of the 'OK Google' voice action feature.Earlier, uses simply had to visit or open a new tab if Google's Chrome was their default search engine and say 'OK Google' to trigger search.

This feature has been removed only in the desktop version of Chrome for Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, the same voice action is still availble for Chrome for mobile as well as on Chromebooks.While the feature has been removed, the Chrome desktop version still supports voice search, albeit it now requires one to click on the mic icon first.
The removal of the functionality makes sense because the kind of functionality and ease microphones built-in phones offer can't be found in traditional desktops.Chrome for desktop would also be getting rid of another feature- the notification center. The removal will occur with the release of the next version of Chrome- Chrome 47- that is expected to arrive in six weeks.

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