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Do you remember your early childhood?

October 07, 2015Apuroop

Many of us miss our school days and we re-collect those memories which make us smile. But do you remember what all things you use to do at early age say 2-3 years? I personally don't remember my early childhood and scientists say that there are two main reasons for this.

First, when children are born, they have very little in the way of developed cortex - the higher processing areas of the brain. These areas develop as you grow, with most of the major growth completed by the age of eight. Long-term memories all start in the hippocampus and ultimately end up in the temporal cortex. Because these areas not fully developed in young children, their early memories cannot be stored with great accuracy. 

The other reason for this is the fact that one remembers something, by merging the context and meaning. Children have less understanding of the context in which they live, so events tend to carry less meaning and consequently their brains do not retain them.

Thanks to our parents and elders for telling us what all we did in our childhood which we never remember.

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