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4 major reasons why you shouldn't use robots at home

October 12, 2015Apuroop

Today robots are fast evolving machines which are opening new doors in the fields of science and technology. As we all know they are being used in different workplaces. But did you ever wonder about the problems that a robot can arise if it is given the household duty ? Hop in to have a vivid look.

1. Cost Effective

Purchasing a robot is not a common man's wish because of its too hiked price. We shouldn't take it in a wrong notion because the robot industries are investing huge amount money for their so called  robot development programs. So these expensive metal pieces is a dream for people leading normal life.

2. Maintenance

 Maintaining your house is more easy than maintaining your personal robot. They come with expensive chip-set. When a problem arises you must run to a nearby company outlet to replace it with another component. Instead you can buy a new robot with the money you spent for replacing the faulty component.Do look for a cheap service center :)

3. Task Management

All the robots work on the base of a unique programming code, coded especially for very limited purposes. They are not flexible or adaptable about the jobs they can do. So, you will need many robots to run a house. Kids code your robot before handling your homework to them :)

4. In Emergency

If an emergency arises, a robot cannot take a decision on its own. To put in simply, you cannot trust a robot as you would trust another human being. 

Conclusion :

The tech industries are working deeply to develop artificial intelligence to assist humans in every possible way. Robots are being made for multi tasking which may wipe out some above mentioned reasons. Anyways, there may be time ahead where robots might outnumber humans both in number as well as in intelligence. 

Make reach your thought to us. Comment below :)

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