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Want to live longer??...GET MARRIED!!!

September 26, 2015Apuroop

71.0 years is the average life expectancy. Read on to find out how you may have more control over it than you think.

The following factors may decrease your lifespan

  • Giving birth to a boy decreases your life expectancy by one year.

  •   Carrying around extra 9kg of weight decreases your life expectancy by 3 years.
  • Sad, but true: Rich people live longer than poor, could extend your life by 14 years.
  • Watching 6+ hours subtracts five years from your life expectancy.  
  • Longtime smokers lose a decade of life on average.


The following factors may increase your life expectancy

  • Eating a cup of raw veggies a day could increase your life expectancy by two years.

  • Flossing daily could add four years to your life expectandy.
  • Keeping stress under control could extend your life by four years.

  • A strong social network in your golden years could add seven years to your life expectancy.
  • Here is a good reason for the ones who wants to get married soon. A study by Duke University Medical Center published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine revealed that being married reduces the risk of premature death in midlife. The study looked at 4,802 people and those that were married through their middle decade were less likely to have an untimely demise. Researchers surmised that the act of having a partner to lean on and work with through any challenges faced in midlife make that era of life much easier to deal with.

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