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September 17, 2015Apuroop

A good news to all the guys who need a good phone with great specs at a cheaper price.
Former Apple CEO John Sculley recently launched two new smart phones- Obi Worldphone SJ 1.5 and SF1, targeting countries in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The Obi worldwide brand which entered the smartphone market in 2014, recorded 336 million units in sales after its first quarter, and is looking to sustain that record with these new set of smartphones.
A report by Global Technology Consulting Firm forecasts155 million smartphone shipments in Africa and the Middle East at the end of 2015. The growth of smartphones in these markets is partly because of their affordability.

Obi worldwide priced the SJ 1.5 and SF1 under $129 and $199 respectively. Android, Chinese and other local smartphone brands already in these markets reflect how well cheap and affordable smartphones are faring.

    Designed to exceed expectations

    A floating high –resolution screen sets the tone for the power of surround sound and performance of professtional camera equipment. Simply to say.. Obi Worldphone SF1 is built for living.

        Astonishing body

      Designed in San Francisco, every element, every curve,every finish matters. The ionic silhouette shows off a distinctive unibody design with a elegant metallic and signature floating glass display.

          High Definition

       The elevated 5-inch display will be the first thing you notice about the Obi Worldphone SF1 Experience incredible brightness, rich contrast and stunning colour clarity .Full HD resolution on a display with extraordinary pixel density-and crafted it's crafted from Gorilla® Glass 4 for unsurpassed feel,strength and quality.(1920x1080p), 443ppi.
      Pixel perfection-13mp rear flash with automated focus, sensor for crisper, sharper and more exciting photos.

         Sharp selfies

      The optimized 5 Megapixel front-facing camera comes complete with its own flash for killer selfies even in low light conditions.

          Dynamic focus

      Capture the scene with everything in focus. Or refocus an image after you've taken it.UbiFocus™ opens up exciting creative possibilities by generating an all-in-focus image you can manipulate at will.


      Take great photos in low light. ChromaFlash™ quickly snaps two photos, one with a flash and one without.The final image combines the best of both leaving you with a single, well-balanced shot.

         High-powered zoom

      OptiZoom multi-frame super-resolution mimics an optical zoom. Take a pic and zoom in beyond normal digital zoom levels.OptiZoom increases image resolution and reduces noise.

         Multiple shooting modes

      Embrace your creative side with easy to use settings.Touch focus,face/smiling detection,paranoma,HDR and High definition video(1080p at 30 Frames per second).

         Image Processing

      Get creative with SF1's set of native filters to add the perfect finishing touches to your photos.

                        LIVE AT LIFESPEED

      Obi Worldphone SF1 comes loaded with Obi Lifespeed, a custom user interface for Android that unifies the software and hardware experience. SF1 runs the reliable Android Lollipop OS with its own colorful Obi flavor.

      •    Superior audio 

                Dolby AudioTM Surround 7.1Multi channel audio makes it sound like you are in middle of movie or stage with the band.

      •    Noise cancellation

               A secondary micro phone is included so you can always be heard on phone calls no matter where you are.

      •    Exciting power                              

      Enjoy the speed, reliability and power of the Obi Worldphone SF1. Effortless multitasking smooth video streaming and  responsive gaming at your fingertips powered   by the ultra fast Qualcomm processor.                                                  

      •      Qualcomm® Snapdragon™615 processor

       With a 4G LTE connection. Fast and powerful, no matter the task.  

      •    64-bit, Octa-core powered 

       Accelerated by an Adreno™ 405 Graphics Processing Unit for better HD Gaming.

      •    Storage 

       The SF1 comes in two variants: 

                                                         32GB of memory & 3GB RAM 

                                                           16GB memory & 2GB RAM

      •    Quick Charge™ 1.0

        SF1's battery charges fast, giving you the freedom to keep moving. Less time charging, more time  doing.

      •    Go the distance

      A 3000 mAh battery powers up to 20 days standby time, up to 28 hours talk time and upto10 hours video playback time.

      •    Hit the road

       With dual SIM slots, Obi Worldphone SF1 is ready to go where life takes you, be it on a CDMA or 2G, 3G or 4G LTE network.

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